Coco Boys Origine du Projet Feuille de Cocotier Gauche

The CocoBoys' Founders

Coco Boys Origine du Projet Feuille de Cocotier Droite

Thierry Casanovas

Coco Boys Fondateur Thierry Casanovas Profil Droit

While I was younger, I heard a sentence which remained marked in me since then: ” it is necessary to find collective answers at our individual needs “.
I always was a big amateur of young coconut to drink, as much for the so thirst-quenching, delicious and refreshing liquid as for the easily digestible, sweet flesh and which lends itself to wonderful recipes. I remained however frustrated by the difficulty of supply in fresh coconut and especially by the fact that it wasn’t biological quality, with obviously toxic fungicidal and bactericidal products of treatment on the envelope. I needed young and organic coconut easily accessible, then I thought of collective to answer my individual needs.

And I began to dream about available coconuts everywhere in France, about same price than conventional coconuts but certified by biological origin, produced by small producers in Asia and in short circuit to favor the interests of the farmers.

Collective Answers to our Individual Needs

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Coco Boys Founder

Coco Boys Fondateur Thierry Casanovas Profil Gauche

As in all the beautiful stories, we must be many to dream and my great friend Éric Viard jumped with feet together in this project to bring its skills in terms of logistics, relationships with producers … patience and perseverance.
Because it was not easy, there were many twists, but today we are there: finally we will be able to democratize and make available to all this wonderful, complete, rich and tasty fruit that corresponds in all points to the definition that can be made of a food “perfectly adapted for humans”.
And most importantly, I will have finally met my needs including those of others, yours as consumers and coconut lovers, those of the producers by guaranteeing them a purchase price in adequacy with the work provided, and those of our environment by promoting a small-scale renewable culture … all this once again celebrating the richness and beauty of the fruits of this creation. I already see mountains of coconuts …

Eric Viard

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The coconut is the emblematic fruit of the tropics for me, warmth and sweetness of life in latitudes where everything seems more simple and where the nature seems closer … I always had pleasure to taste it under the tropics and on the old continent too, but it’s hard to find fresh coconuts outside the big European cities.
My friend Thierry devotes a real passion to it and his overflowing enthusiasm has motivated us for a year and a half in our quest for fresh and organic coconuts. We contacted many producers in Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, and we were often told that they were “necessarily organic” without ever being able to prove it. It was finally on the new continent, completely by chance, that we stumbled upon our first organic coconut in a store on Mount Shasta, while we were reporting on filming the klamath seaweed harvest in Oregon.

From Thierry's Idea to Eric's Concept

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Coco Boys Founder

Coco Boys Fondateur Eric Viard Profil Gauche v2

Our motivation is then resumed with more force, accompanied by this biblical verse:

“Look and you will find. “

Bingo, our call in the unseen was heard and it was finally in Thailand that we found a producer who agreed to try the adventure of organic coconut with us.

It was necessary to create the sector from scratch to be able to offer you what we have been doing for ten years: products of the first quality, live producers, without intermediaries and therefore at the best price.

Cocobio cocobio, it was only a step and we also wanted to have a wink to our generation to offer you these succulent coconut premium organic Nam Hom variety that will refresh you any the year!